ARIIX Puritii Air Purification System Setting Up 공기청정기 세팅 방법

The 3-stage pre-filtering process uses a washable filter to extend the life of subsequent filter, and captures larger airborne particles (over 10 microns) as follows:
  • Stage 1:PolyMesh Pre Filter – This filter statically attracts larger particles of dust, dander, hair and lint.
  • Stage 2: MacorX-15 Pre Filter – This filter captures smaller particles, such as finer dusts and lint, down to 15 microns in size ( a human hair is 30-70 in diameter).

  • Stage 3: MacroX-10 Pre Filter – This filter captures particles 10-15 microns in size, such as mold and mildew spores and dust mite residule, wich circulate in even the cleanest homes.
The 7-stage main filter assembly captures dangerous airborne particles that are notorious for causing lung damage, from 10 microns all the way down to .3 microns in size It also absorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as petrochimical fumes, ammonia, formaldehyde and many others.
  • Stage 4: MacroX-10 Pre-HEPA Filter – The Pre-HEPA Filter captures particles 10 microns and larger missed in the pre-filtering stages.
  • Stage 5: HEPA-TYPE Filter – Millions of sub-micron pores in this hardworking filter capture 100% of particulates 2.5 microns and larger, and over 99% of pollutants .3 microns or larger, including airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Stage 6: Pre-VOC Diffuser – The VOC stages of filtration are particularly important for those with odor sensitivities and chemical allergies. This first layer is honeycombed to evenly diffuse air through the stages that follow.
  • Stage 7: Activated Carbon – High-capacity carbonized pellets act like sponges to absorb a wide range of gases, chemicals and fumes, including residues of solvents, petrochemical products and odors.
  • Stage 8: Zeolite – The unique molecular structure of granulated zeolite, a porous volcanic rock, absorbs gaseous pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde.
  • Stage 9: Potassium Permanganate –  Potassium Permanganate is an oxidizing agent that removes additional odors and harmful gases such as ammonia.
  • Stage 10: Post-VOC Diffuser –  This filtering layer delivers air from the VOC filter into the ionizing chamber.

Optional Use Ionization Stage
  • The chamber in this phase of filtration contains an ionizing needle that delivers a mild static charge, energizing passing air molecules like a mini thunderstorm and leaving a fresh, clean fragrance.
  • Activates with the push of a button for use whenever needed.

Puritii Air 공기 청정기는 이동이 편리한 고용량 공기 정화 시스템으로 가정과 사무실 모두에서 빠르고 효율적인 공기 정화 기능을 제공합니다. Puritii Air 공기 청정기는 99% 이상의 효율로 다음과 같은 오염물질들을 제거할 수 있습니다. 》꽃가루, 먼지, 집먼지 진드기, 애완동물 비듬 등의 0.3 마이크론까지의 입자들 》매연에 포함된 휘발성 유기 화합물(VOC), 악취, 배기가스, 화학 물질 등 》대기 중의 박테리아, 곰팡이, 균류 및 바이러스 등 이 시스템은 고용량의 DC 모니터를 채택하여 다음의 기능을 제공합니다. 》AC모터 기반 시스템과 비교할 때 보다 효율적인 구동 시스템 필터링은 11단계에 걸쳐 다음의 기능을 제공합니다. 》0.3 마이크론의 작은 입자를 포집 》VOC 제거를 위해 미세 입자가 없는 실내 공기를 생성 》유해 가스, 화학물질 및 냄새를 흡수 》공기를 이온화하여 신선하고 깨끗한 공기를 공급
 Puritii Air

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