Why Ariix??


★Criteria #1: Why Ariix Is Going To Last Long Term?
The way to measure if the company is going long-term is by looking at the management team’s track record. The management has a history of failure or a history of successes. And that leaves clues. Fred Cooper is ARIIX CEO and Mark Wilson is ARIIX President and they have been the key leaders who drove a very well-respected Network Marketing company to $500 Million a year in sales. Tim said that he worked as a trainer for that company and everytime he wanted things to get done, these were the guys who were making things happen. There are always movers and shakers in every successful company. Fred Coper and Mark Wilson have the vision and management skills to put things together and make it a success. Their past history is rock solid. Everyone who knows them, know that.
Being capable of meeting financial requirements is curcial (Seems like ARIIX turned money away therefore it seems they’re solvent). But how do you really know? Well… there are three management resources to look at: Inventories, Employees, and Leaders.
Management of inventories: Mismanagement of inventories cause new companies to fail constantly in multilevel marketing. ARIIX’s Fred Cooper and CFO Jeff Yates understand how to manage assets simply because they made it happen for a large multilevel marketing company already. They are fully aware they need to sell almost all their inventory and pay all bills before they are able to make money. Furthermore they are fully aware of this, however they understand all the particulars regarding how to get it done.
Employees: They need to place the right people in the right positions to complete the right jobs, but they should not have more employees than they need if they want to keep their overhead low. They’ve attracted a team which has over 60 years experience of multilevel marketing from the corporate perspective. These folks have influence and they have a great vision as the six founders of ARIIX.
Leaders: Being good with your leaders in the field is one area where most companies get in trouble. Too frequently whenever a company begins to create impressive success, the owners become greedy after which it’s a fight between the corporation and the field leaders. Network Marketers fear of losing their commissions if they fight for their rights. The owners enjoy the millions while the leaders have to keep on working harder to justify their large commission checks. Nobody understands how to manage leaders within a company much better than ARIIX President Mark Wilson. People recognize that of him, that’s one of his strenghts.
One of the particular areas that shows why ARIIX is different from all other companies is the creation of the Member Bill Of Rights that has such provisions as Right To Share In Profits, Right To True Ownership and Protection, Right To Share in the Fun and Incentives, and much more. Tim said “it’s unheard of in the industry. They are re-writing the policies and procedures to establish trust between the company and the distributors. They think they should be fair and not only in the favor of the corporation.”
★Criteria #2: Why Ariix products sell outside the network?
Are there a lot of customers who will want to buy the products rather than just the marketers. When the products don’t sell to real consumers, the company cannot go beyond $100-$200 Million annually. ARIIX has a goal of $10 Billion. Their line-up of product experts is quiet impressive and this elite product team will get consumers looking for these products. Individuals will reach for the products and knowning what’s coming up, all price objections will disappear. This is having products that sell outside the network at its best.
★Criteria #3: Will I be rewarded well for my efforts?
You will find many comp plan experts in multilevel marketing, but ARIIX CEO Fred Cooper is known for the guy top multilevel marketing companies hire to modify their plan… and when a company can’t get Fred to fix their plan, they need to hire someone with less expertise. Fred understands that showing large commissions, you attract heavy hitters and those leaders require very large commissions to get them moving. Fred Cooper has capabilities to create this kind of pay plan and this is why ARIIX ’s pay plan is making waves in the industry already. Tim stated every “Big Leader” he showed this to can’t believe someone finally put something like this together.
★Criteria #4: Why Ariix training produce a successful distributor?
From Tim’s perspective “An effective MLM training process should include EVERYTHING A PERSON REQUIRES to succeed.” As a trainer and consultant, many times he had to tell the company to let go of their distributor starter kit. These training packages more often than not, only create failure.
Tim Sales is renowned for his first class training and he’s the one who created the training that is part of your back office at ARIIX. Nobody joins the business at the same level. This is why Tim created two types of training. One for those with little to no experience in our industry. And one for the experienced networkers who will have access to marketing campaigns that are proven effective to get customers or business builders.
Working with Tim, I know his methodology. He calls it TOP (Testing Operating Procedure). And when you find a procedure that works and can be duplicated, it becomes your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). That’s exactly what Tim plans to do. He’s going to test everything he does until it works. And everyone in our organization will be able to use the exact step-by-step procedure to create a desired result. He plans to spend a lot of time in the campaigns.
When Tim decided to join ARIIX, he made a decision to leave a company he’s been with for many years. He created an income very few people will ever achieve. But based on the criterias listed above, he believes this is a greater opportunity for many people to achieve the kind of success he has achieved. That’s what’s getting him out of bed these days. We are about to create the next generation of leaders our industry will inherit.
As we are moving into our early years of development, we will recruit the distributors that will be part of that initial team under which the company will be built. If you see why Ariix is poised for great success and you want to reserve your spot on our personal team, let me know and we will take care of you.
By Tim Sales.

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