ARIIX MLM Is This The Right Opportunity?

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What Is It?

Ariix is an online company and opportunity that claims to offer you more than a healthy body but stronger finances as well. It is an MLM or multi-level marketing company that has been noted for its strong compensation plans. But when all is said and done, it can be a question of whether Ariix is truly a company that can help set you up for success.
With a variety of products that you can sell and an opportunity to refer more people into Ariix, it is possible you can be making some nice online commissions as well as a residual income for years to come.
But the problem might not be with the company in itself as much as it is with the lack of offered training and tools anyone would need to successfully have a direct selling business setup.
So let’s see if an what makes this company different or unique from the other thousands of MLM companies that are out there today.

Ariix Average Earnings Report

First and foremost, I’d like to take a look into their average earnings report from 2014 and so far what they’ve shown is not very different from other MLM companies I’ve seen.
In-fact the total average of all Ariix representatives is only $1,194 per year.
If you take a look at the Team Leads, who make up over half of the company earned only an average of $56.31 per week. That’s a very small amount and believe this is attributed to the fact that the company (just like MOST MLM’s) doesn’t show you how to properly advertise these products.

Ariix – Patent Pending?

In regards to the products, I’ve seen these same type of similar products being offered time and time again. They come out with a unique looking name, add a ton of ingredients, brand them, and then say they that their patent pending.
No one actually knows whether they work or not and in regards to their “patent,” they always seem to be pending. Given that Ariix was founded back in 2011, one can argue that this label is simply put there to try and boost their own reputation.

Commission Structure

In regards to Ariix’s commission structure, they do have a strong payout. I will give them that. You can earn through retail profits (by selling the actual product), team lead and matching bonuses, payline bonuses, income position bonuses, and a luxury car bonus. However, the cost to get in can be a deal breaker to many. Ariix enrollment packages start at $229.95 and reach up to $1329, which is very expensive to get started in any online marketing opportunity.

Do I Recommend It?

The most important thing to lookout for in any online marketing community is asking yourself, whether it’s an opportunity that makes sense to you.
Can you earn from it and do you have a plan?
Personally, I’ve seen individuals time and time again join an opportunity thinking that they are going to do so well with it and not even begin because they don’t have a clue as to where to start. This is what usually happens with companies like MLM’s.
If someone were to ship you a box of weight loss products, how are you going to sell a product you may not even believe in? Thus, it’s important to also believe in the product itself. Otherwise, you’re just pushing another product nobody has ever heard of.
If you know how to get a product like this in front of consumers and can even convince others to join into this MLM/direct selling opportunity, then it may be worth your time. However, it’s important to look at this with a little sense of doubt too. There’s a reason why the majority of individuals could not pull off more than $50 a week.
As for a more reasonable online marketing opportunity, you should possibly consider affiliate marketing. This is a completely different realm than MLM but so many individuals who were also once stuck with companies like Ariix immediately concurred with me that they wouldn’t do anything else after being introduced.
What it will consist of is you finding your own niche, building a website, and then selling products of affiliate programs like Amazon. The reason why this works so incredibly well is because you’re actually getting a constant flow of traffic to your website!
Think about it. Any solid online marketing opportunity has to set you up so people are seeing offers constantly and there is no stronger way than doing that than by having your own website for years to come.
As a result, you’ll be making online sales and your own income as a result.
 Ariix Products

愛睿希業務獎勵方案 賺錢無上限

愛睿希業務獎勵方案(Activ8 Compensation Plan)是為了讓所有經銷商的獲利無上限、並擁有長期穩定的收入,而特別規劃的會員專屬回饋。我們開發了一個稱為「多線(multi-line)」的獎勵結構,讓上層與下層的下線收入都增加,讓我們的經銷商更容易留住客戶,協助他們建立更穩固、更賺錢的事業,且能橫跨多個領域,讓事業發展更多元。 

 -零售利潤、忠誠計畫(Loyalty Program)     
-基本佣金(Base Commissions)     
-發展獎金(Development Commissions)     
-團隊領導獎金(Team Lead Bonus)     
-對等獎金(Matching Bonus )    
 -佣金線獎金 (Payline Bonus)     
-佣金部門獎金(Income Position Bonus)     
-儲蓄獎金(Savings Bonus) 


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