A Great Opportunity Doesn’t Go Away, It Just Goes To Those Who See It!
As ARIIX continues to grow internationally, we are looking for people in Thailand who have strong leadership skills and the passion to succeed throughout life. I’m seeking those with a strong and committed work ethic with a “can do” and “will do” attitude an of course and Entrepreneurial expectation of excellence!!
If the above sounds like you, complete the questionnaire by clicking on the green button below and I will personally be in contact with you.

Take a few minute and look at the Ariix Products and Company Presentation by clicking on the images below. ARIIX’s CEO, Fred Cooper personally worked on these documents for the company.
An interactive company presentation would provide all the information you need to make a great decision. There are audios that can be played in the bottom left corner. Some slides contain videos and the presentation can be navigated forward and down gaining more detail in the bottom right hand corner.


Ariix is not just a company, it’s a culture. We are a community of entrepreneurs, working together to unleash each individual’s potential for good. Joining Ariix you get opportunity to buy all products with discount 15%, 30% or even 45%. But it is not all, Ariix also brings you money while you are using it.

You can be just a consumer improving your health condition or you can also consider Ariix as your own business, which will provide you healthy and happy life, as well as opportunity to be financially successful and independent.
Ariix is introducing you Activ8 Compensation Plan which is a uniquely developed structure designed to allow the ability for unlimited profitability potential as well as long-term stability in the business.

Management team has developed a new category of compensation structure called the “multi-line” - which means there will be an increased flow of income to the top and bottom lines, and your network can grow unlimited in depth and width. This makes it easier than ever before for our Representatives to retain their clients to help build, grow and sustain their business as well as to develop multi-faceted business ventures across diverse areas. With our uniquely developed compensation plan, you are able to earn as little or as much as you would like from the following opportunities:

  • Retail Profit
  • Loyalty Program
  • Base Commissions (with unlimited potential)
  • Auto-Balancing
  • Team Lead Bonus
  • Matching Bonus and Gold Member Status
  • Income Position Bonus
  • Pay line Bonus
  • Saving Bonus
  • ASAP Bonus
  • Bonus Luxury Car Bonus

Using the revolutionary IIX Membership Bonus program you can multiply all your bonuses 2 times.
The possibilities are endless for what you can attain with the Activ8 Compensation Plan. By participating in the Activ8 Compensation Plan you will have access to a tool that can make your dreams a reality.
I have a chance to ask you some simple question and i want you to think carefully and answer honestly to yourself.
How you see yourself in next 3-5 years? Have you imagined some changes? Do you know how to get there? Not? - Get started getting it with Ariix now!

ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan Detail infomation.


Optimal Nutrition

A line of nutritional supplements that provide a unique blend of nutrients


Essential oils

Priime oils are balancing all the best from nature in one frop for your relaxation.


Weight Management System

Product Clinically Proven to lose weight up to 3 times faster than Diet & Exercise Alone


Personal Care Products

Reviive products do more than clean the skin - they are free from

chemicals that introduce toxins into the body.


Pure water & fresh air

Puritii Filtration System is an effective and portable solution

for the delivery of fresh air and pure drinking water from any source.


Skincare Care Products



 Gano-Balance Coffee


If you live in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico or Ireland, you are very welcome. In addition, experienced leaders will arrange secret meetings.


If you would like to participate in a part -time or full-time business, go to the website and sign up. CLICK HERE


If you are interested in losing weight or would like to try the product before committing to a business opportunity , go to the website.  CLICK HERE

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