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▣ Vision of the company and the brand

The ARIIX company vision is “unlocking human potential for good” and its mission is to “help you to help yourself”. This view may seem vague or unfocused, but so are the statements of other global giants enterprises like Apple, FedEx …

As for products development (led by Deanna Latson, Ray Strand, Tim Sales and Laura), ARIIX philosophy can be summarized as:
We believe that “health” is more than just the physical wellbeing.
It should take into account all aspects of your life, what we call Health versatile – take everything at a glance.
The concept is to create a store that offers products and services necessary to ensure the health and well-
being multifaceted.
For example: One concept is the creation of the Academy healthy baby that is designed to help protect pregnant women, newborns and children, living in a toxic world, to be as healthy as possible, so they can grow developing their full potential.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, see some new ARIIX ads to get an idea where it is headed this company.



TRIGGER human potential for the GOOD.
ARIIX vision is based on the Golden Rule. We believe that when we help others to succeed, all of us are benefited.We offer our consultants the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs with a strong support and training network.We achieve this goal by offering products science-based of the highest quality, and services aimed at full health.ARIIX works with the world’s leading experts in health and wellness in order to obtain relevant and unique health products, with the highest quality available on the market.
By offering a true solid opportunity for true financial freedom.
Financial experts states that the best protection of your financial future is to earn income from various sources with a low-risk project, diversified sources, and act as entrepreneurs.
“To prepare” the ideal medium for growth and personal development.
ARIIX works to ensure that each distributor could access to all the tools necessary to meet and exceed his/her personal and financial goals, offering complete business support at all levels for a sucessfull Network Marketing Business.
Unlike most health and wellness companies in this sector, based around an agreement with some products, and to some specialization, we emphasize that ARIIX do not want to be labeled as a vitamin company or the company’s juice A or B, etc.. Instead, ARIIX strives to be known as a global community of individuals focused on supporting others in order to achieve a multifaceted wellness and unleash their full potential. Ask us how to Become a Distributor.

For all this, we intend to be known as a “company of opportunities”

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If you live in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico or Ireland, you are very welcome. In addition, experienced leaders will arrange secret meetings.


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