Why Choose ARIIX?

Why Choose ARIIX?

With all the new companies reaching the market each day we need to ask: Why should I choose Ariix?
Here are some of the top reasons for you to choode Ariix as your nest company:
  1. Ariix is the Opportunity Company – ARIIX is not intended to focus on a single niche market, but in several niches markets . If you focus on just one niche you have limited potential growth and your business depends on that niche behavior. Ariix has several brands in order to exploit each of the niches that is on.
  2. Unique, innovative PRODUCTS all of them certified and approved. The products Ariix brings to the marketplace represent innovative solutions to the day problems of ordinary people – see more in Ariix products page.
  3. Revolutionary compensation plan “Multi-line” – can you imagine being payed 8 different ways, every single week for everything you do as a distributor? All the advantages of the matrix, binary and unilevel in a single compensation plan – the Ariix Compensation Plan.
  4. 4 Active members to reach the breakeven – Get your 100 PV points auto delivery order payed with just 4 active members. This is unique and will create excitement and retention in your team
  5. Leadership – Ariix has attracted some of the industry top leaders: Fred Cooper, Tim Sales and Robert G. Allen are just some of them.
  6. International Opportunity – Have you ever thought having a global business. If you have it, Ariix can be the path. Ariix is expanding globally which could be your opportunity to have that global business you always wanted.
  7. Bill of Rights – This unique document among the industry players protects you and your business of some unilateral decisions that penalizes you in all other companies out there
  8. Training System – As you know , in order to have residual income you need duplication and for that you need a very well organized training system to you team. Ariix has the best one! The number 1 distributor in Ariix is Tim Sales – he is top direct sales industry top trainer with 27 years of experience, and he has the most complete training system in the industry and now available for all the Ariix community. In Ariix the training system is called BOS – Business Orientation System. See more in Ariix Trainings System.
  9. Ariix is on top 20 Momentum company – Momentum is what you need when you want to have an explosion on your business – see more at Ariix awards.
  10. Ariix is Awarded Company – with less than 2 years of activity, Ariix has already been awarded – see Ariix awards.
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愛睿希業務獎勵方案 賺錢無上限

愛睿希業務獎勵方案(Activ8 Compensation Plan)是為了讓所有經銷商的獲利無上限、並擁有長期穩定的收入,而特別規劃的會員專屬回饋。我們開發了一個稱為「多線(multi-line)」的獎勵結構,讓上層與下層的下線收入都增加,讓我們的經銷商更容易留住客戶,協助他們建立更穩固、更賺錢的事業,且能橫跨多個領域,讓事業發展更多元。 

 -零售利潤、忠誠計畫(Loyalty Program)     
-基本佣金(Base Commissions)     
-發展獎金(Development Commissions)     
-團隊領導獎金(Team Lead Bonus)     
-對等獎金(Matching Bonus )    
 -佣金線獎金 (Payline Bonus)     
-佣金部門獎金(Income Position Bonus)     
-儲蓄獎金(Savings Bonus) 


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If you live in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico or Ireland, you are very welcome. In addition, experienced leaders will arrange secret meetings.


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