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How You Can Earn

Retail Sales: The first way you can earn money with this company is through retail sales. This really does vary though according to what the customer decides to do when they order, which option the customer chooses will directly affect what you can earn.
There are three levels of pricing for the customer to choose from:
Retail= Full retail price
Member Or Auto-ship= Join for $25 OR agree to an auto-ship and get 15% off
Auto-ship AND member= Pay $25 to become a member AND agree to an auto-ship and get 30% off. This is what a rep does but anyone can become a ‘preferred customer’ without becoming a rep and get this same discount.
Anyone at all can jump onto the corporate website and purchase product at the same price as a fully qualified and active rep. All they need to do is pay $25 to join and agree to a monthly auto-ship. With the discounts on offer I find it hard to believe most people buy at full retail, so earning by selling products is not really the best way to go.
This is about recruiting just like any other mlm.
Recruiting: This particular aspect of the comp plan is probably the most confusing I’ve ever come across and the website summary really doesn’t explain it much at all, the reason they have the summary is because the real plan is pretty damn confusing!
Anyway, digging into actual pdf it’s my understanding that there are 2 main vertical lines: a ‘power line’ and a ‘pay line’. The power line is the strongest performing team and the lesser line is deemed the pay line, which is where you earn this base commission from to the tune of 15%.
Every time your pay line reaches $2000 in any given week it becomes ‘optimised’ at which point you earn an additional pay line which is a good thing. It also gives you the option ‘re-enter’ and start a whole new income position under that optimised pay line which essentially starts the whole process over again.
At this point you’re probably as confused as I was when I was trying to get my head around this, watch this video it makes a lot more sense because it’s illustrated. If you are considering joining this company I highly recommend watching this in full because it will make a lot more sense.
The ‘matching bonus is another way you can earn on your downline’s overall purchasing 7 levels deep, you can earn a commission on what your referrals and your referrals referrals earn each month, depending on what status you have reached. To earn just 3 levels deep you need to achieve either Gold or Silver status.

 Ariix Matching Bonus
Gold status is achieved within the first 8 weeks if you sponsor 4 people who each qualify straight up a 150PV (discussed below) and you maintain your monthly auto-ship for the first 8 weeks. This unlocks 3 levels.
Silver status can be achieved after the first 8 weeks by simply sponsoring and maintaining 4 people in your downline each month.
To unlock all 7 levels requires various requirements to be met as shown above.
Bonuses: There are various bonuses on offer depending on what level you reach and your performance within the company.

Getting Started

Getting started will cost you $150 for an IIX membership. You are also going to need to accumulate 150PV to get qualified which equates to US$218.95 wholesale product spend.
Optionally, you can also purchase a start pack which unlocks greater levels of earnings (more pay lines) and they range from $764.95 to $2088. Personally I wouldn’t go for these unless you really want the products yourself and want to immediately unlock the most earnings potential.

Staying Active

Staying active is a matter of 75 PV worth of auto-ship each month, which works out to $109.95 wholesale each month, this can be fulfilled by your own purchasing or that of your retail or preferred customer orders.
There is also a $25 renewal fee each year.

My First Year Cost Estimate

This is where I like to estimate the first year cost based on what I think it would cost me if I was to join and begin building a business with this company. It is based on my opinion and research only, always do your own research before making any decisions.
Joining= Minimum $368.95
Staying Active= $1319.40
X-Office= $239.40 (not sure exactly what you get with this other than it is an essential back office tool to manage your business)
Other= This includes seminars, conventions, product samples, shipping and any other business related expenditure. I don’t include a figure on this I just put it here to help you understand some of the other potential costs involved.
Total= $1927.75 +
This is definitely one of the most expensive companies to join in comparison with other mlm companies. The cost could go up or down based on: which member pack (if any) you buy, the ‘other’ section, and if you have customers reducing your active quota.

Average Earnings Of Representatives 

The company is operating very transparently in providing an average earnings for people to consider before joining this company.
Just briefly looking at this with an excited rep by your side, you could easily mistake this for being way better than it really is. I am not saying it’s in any way deceptive, but they are clever in the way they put this together. What do I mean?
Someone could be working their ass off just to maintain ‘director’ level and they are deeming them as only working ‘part time’ which is not always the case, not by a long shot.
Here’s a screenshot I took and some addictions to point out the reality of what this is revealing.
 Ariix Average Income
This seems slightly better than every other earnings disclaimer I’ve seen though, most of the time the percentage of people earning anything even remotely decent is about 2% at best.

What I Liked

  • The company has a great website with a lot of information
  • They provide links to their compensation plan and an earnings disclosure
  • They have credible third party recognition for their products
  • The sales video was very ethically put together and I think it explained things well
  • They have an A+ rating on the BBB and no complaints
  • They have a bill of rights which gives reps a greater say in how the company is run

What I Didn’t Like

  • I find the products, packs and opportunity quite expensive all round
  • They teach warm market techniques to grow your business
  • Given the structure of things, the focus is definitely more on mass recruiting than selling product

Final Thoughts

I have to admit that this is probably one of the better mlm companies Ive come across and they seem to be doing some great things. Personally I think it always pays to be a little skeptical though because sometimes things can seem better than they really are, especially in mlm.
This is a business at the end of the day and you’ll need to treat it like one if you are going to succeed. Some of these companies tend to foster a somewhat ‘cult like’ mentality amongst members and anyone speaking even remotely against the company is outcasted or abused. I am not saying Ariix is like this, but a lot of mlm’s are and I know this from personal experience.
Why am I telling you this? Because I want to outline the importance of thinking about this opportunity logically rather than just buying into the hype of mlm and the exciting presentations, the fact that you’ve read this far means you’re one of the smart ones.
One of the biggest downfalls I personally think about this company is that they are teaching people to build a business by chasing after your friends and family, also known as the warm market approach. This can work but after a while it will inevitably come to an end, there’s only so much product your family and buddies will purchase and most of them will not be interested anyway.
Building a substantial and rewarding business in this game requires driving targeted leads into your business each and every day. You need constant leads to succeed in mlm and in my opinion the warm market strategies they teach will only take you so far.

Alternative Business Model

For those of you not so convinced on the idea of a multi level marketing business, there is another way. There is a business model that allows you to sell anything you want without recruiting or paying big money just to stay qualified. This is a business that allows anyone to do what they are genuinely passionate about and work from anywhere in the world!
 Ariix Compensation Plan

 Gano-Balance Coffee


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