ARIIX is truly the Best MLM Company!!

ARIIX is truly the Best MLM Company!


Dear Fellow Direct Sales Members,
I am currently working part-time but soon to be full time in ARIIX and over the years in the industry, I have been pitched a lot of other opportunities and turned down several other Direct Sales companies. ARIIX gained my attention through these 3 largest factors and in this order: The Leadership, The Ingredients and The Comp Plan. With these 3 important components in place, I knew ARIIX would provide the stability and longevity that professional network marketers, such as myself, are seeking. I would like to take this opportunity to give a brief overview with specific bullet points that are pulling Industry Leaders to ARIIX.
1. ARIIX Leadership
• Founders CEO Dr. Fred Cooper, President Mark Wilson, COO Riley Timmer and CFO Jeff Yates were the Chief Executives of Usana, creating half billion dollars in annual revenue. As they felt the integrity of what they built was being challenged, they gave a two year notice giving the Founder a chance to reestablish what they built. It did not come to be. These four walked away from 6-8 figure bonuses as they would no longer work under these conditions. 
• These four Founders have over 120 years of combined experience in the industry.
• They understand and have implemented strategic branding in the ARIIX Business model through building multiple divisions. Currently ARIIX has five independent divisions with the sixth launching in November 2015.
• Due to their combined experience and reputation in the Industry, after just more than 4 years, ARIIX is operating in 18 countries and projected to do 140 million in annual sales by end of 2015.
• Another Industry first is the ARIIX Bill of Rights. Detailed in our magazine, Industry Leaders are being drawn with their teams to ARIIX. Highlights of the ARRIX Bill of Rights, a contractual agreement, are: Company cannot go Retail; Company cannot terminate upon discretion; Company cannot make changes to compensation without Representative Partner Council Review.
2. ARIIX Ingredients
• The Founders partnered with world renowned Deanna Latson, an international health and wellness authority. Deanna Latson is also a Founder of ARIIX and brings a personal passion speaking to large international audiences on the use of toxic free, high quality, health boosting products for superior quality of life. Deanna has an extensive career collaborating with world renowned experts in health, wellness and fitness industries.
• Deanna holds a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University and a Clinical Nutritionist Degree. She is often recognized for her achievements in the industry, most recently 2 Silver Stevie awards for Female Executive of the Year.
• Deanna Latson holds the strictest standard of No Compromise regarding Ingredient Quality. Therefore, ARIIX offers a 100% Pure Potency Guarantee.
• ARIIX has always carried the following manufacturing certifications: FDA, NSF, OTC, GMP, HALAL, and BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group for Elite Athletes and Professionals)
• USP, (United States Pharmacopeia), EPA, Water Quality Standards, (US Environmental Protection Agency)
• Products are FREE of GMO, Soy, Whey, Dairy, Gluten, Dyes, Preservatives, Fillers, Chemicals and Hormones.
• Patent Pending Products
• ARIIX Optimals can be found in annual PDR, (Physician’s Desk Reference), both in 2014 and 2015 
• Due to Deanna’s unparalleled and unwavering stance regarding ingredients, ARIIX has a very strong customer retention rate.
3. ARIIX Compensation Plan
• ARIIX has created the first of its kind with a Multi-Line Compensation Plan. Distributors may build as deep and wide as desired. 
• ARIIX has 4 pending patents on this Compensation Plan. These are 1. Multi-Line 2. Base Commissions 3. Auto Balancing 4. Power Re-Entry
• CEO Dr. Fred Cooper is the former President & Operations Officer for the publicly traded company Usana. Fred holds a PhD in Business Administration, with dual majors in Production and Operations Management with a second in Statistics. He has been hired by dozens of Direct Selling Companies to evaluate their compensation plans in regards to features and payouts.
• ARIIX pays 50% on the dollar spent, not the volume accrued, (points).
• ARIIX pays 25-50% more respectively than any other company in the industry.
• The ARIIX compensation plan has no break a ways or coding. Distributors build to infinite levels.
• ARIIX Saving’s Program continues to build extremely high retention rates by the distributors. The Saving’s Program consists of earning, over a period of time, a $10,000 check paid out in one lump sum and continues up to $2,000 per month, totaling an additional $24,000 per year.
• Being the first of its kind in Industry Compensation, Dr. Fred Cooper and President Mark Wilson issued an international challenge upon launching ARIIX. The challenge was that any CEO could contact Fred and go toe to toe between comp plans. If a stronger comp plan was proven to Fred, he would on the spot write a $10,000 check to the charity of choice. There was only one stipulation. It must be recorded for all to see. To date, not one CEO has accepted this challenge in 4 plus years.
Thank you for the taking the time to review this information. 
ARIIX Power of 4:

How do you maximize the ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan?

① 150 PV(200PV)- Sell, use, or purchase an Enrollment Pack at 150PV(200PV) to activate your income position. There are many packs from. 
② Maintain 75PV(100PV)- Sell, use, or purchase 75 PV(100PV) every 4 weeks to keep your income position commission eligible.
③ IIX Membership - Gives you a 15% Lifetime discount on all future purchase & Double all Bonuses in the ACTIV8 compensation plan. (Includes in the purchase of Business, Elite & Ultimate Packs)
④ Go for the GOLD - When you enroll four new ARIIX Representatives within your first 8 weeks, you unlock exclusive, lifetime GOLD Member benefits.
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