Ariix Review – The Company

If you are looking for more information on Ariix, then I’m going to assume that someone has introduced you to this business opportunity so you want to know – are they legit and can you make money.  In this review I am going to cover both of those questions, and I’m also going to provide you with some key information on how to be successful and make money with this company, should you decide to join.
Now before we get started, I want to make it clear that I am not a member of this company.  This is important because most of the reviews you read are from members of the company so they are very biased.  Whether or not you join this company makes no difference to me, so just know that you are reading an honest, un-biased Arixx review.

Ariix Review – The Company

When it comes to joining  any network marketing/MLM company, knowing more about the company’s history and leadership is the most important place to start.  In my 10+ years in this industry I have seen many companies with great products fail because of poor leadership.
So no matter how great the products are, a company is only as good as it’s leaders.  With that being said, let’s get going…
Ariix has been in the industry just shy of 5 years (at the time of writing this), and their current headquarters is in Bountiful, Utah.  They are a health & wellness company started by Fred W. Cooper, who is a network marketing veteran that is well known through out the industry as a top expert.
In addition to Fred, they have a team of 6 of the most brightest individuals in the network marketing industry who have a wide range of experience in this health & wellness sector specifically.  That team consists of President Mark Wilson, CFO Jeff Yates, COO Riley Timmer, CPO Deanna Latson, CIO Wehnan Harry Zhang, and CSO Ian Chandler
You can be sure that the leadership behind Ariix is exactly what a successful network marketing company should be.

The Ariix Product Line

Ariix currently offers 6 different product lines that I have listed below with a brief description:
Nutrition – a collection of premium supplements that give you optimal support for your overall health
Weight Loss – a unique weight management system that is different than any other network marketing company and is infused with diet and exercise so your not just taking a supplement.
Pure Air & Water – a product that helps get rid of harmful toxins and pathogens in the air and water to protect your home environment
Personal Care – organic personal care products for cleaning your body from head to toe
Essential Oils – a unique blend of ingredients and synergistic blends from all over the world.
Skincare – a skincare product with safe and powerful ingredients to provide you with the highest quality results
The company also has something they call the Ariix seal of approval, which is where they constantly test to provide the highest quality ingredients in every product.

The Business Opportunity

When it comes to MLM / network marketing companies, making money is pretty much the same no matter what company you join.  You can either sell the products for retail commissions, or you can recruit other people to join your team and build their business as well.
The major difference between every company is the percentages, the commissions, and the bonuses.  So the amount of retail percentage or the amount of money you make from your team will vary, but how you earn money is the same.  Sell the products, recruit new people into your organization.

My Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, Ariix is considered a leader and well respected in the industry.  So if you decide to join Ariix, you should feel confident that you are joining a great company with great products.  Now, whether or not you are successful with this opportunity or make any money is up to you.
In today’s fast paced digital world, building a successful network marketing business requires you to know how to market and generate leads online.  Using the Internet to build your business is how the top earners in the industry are building their businesses, and it’s how I’ve been able to be so successful in this industry.
So if you can learn how to leverage the Internet to market and build your business, there is no limit to how much you can earn with Ariix, or any other company in this industry.
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How do you maximize the ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan?

① 150 PV(200PV)- Sell, use, or purchase an Enrollment Pack at 150PV(200PV) to activate your income position. There are many packs from. 
② Maintain 75PV(100PV)- Sell, use, or purchase 75 PV(100PV) every 4 weeks to keep your income position commission eligible.
③ IIX Membership - Gives you a 15% Lifetime discount on all future purchase & Double all Bonuses in the ACTIV8 compensation plan. (Includes in the purchase of Business, Elite & Ultimate Packs)
④ Go for the GOLD - When you enroll four new ARIIX Representatives within your first 8 weeks, you unlock exclusive, lifetime GOLD Member benefits.

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