ARIIX Europe: Membership Types

ARIIX Europe: Membership Types

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, 
United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden


A Member is an individual enrolled with ARIIX. They are able to purchase ARIIX products at a discount, qualify for product discounts through the Auto-Delivery Program and IIX Membership, acquire an Income Position within the tree genealogy, refer other individuals as Members, and are able to earn product credits towards the purchase of their personal product or inventory. Prospects have filled out a Member Application form, agreed to the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Policies & Procedures, and have been sponsored by another ARIIX Member or Representative. Upon earning product credits equivalent to €30 EUR in product discount (earned from sales volume or for selling specific Packs with corresponding Product Credit) in any cycle (most recent past four weeks), or by attaining Gold status, Members are able to upgrade their status to an ARIIX Representative by agreeing to a second policy and procedure document applicable for Representatives only.


As Members surpass €30 EUR in product credit in any cycle, they are able to upgrade their membership type to a Representative. As a Representative, they maintain all of the rights and privileges of an ARIIX Member, including the ability to enroll other Members and to qualify for product discounts. Additionally, an ARIIX Representative, rather than only earning product credits, is able to earn and generate commissions based upon their activity within the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan. To become a Representative, a Member must have agreed to and signed PART B of the Representative Policies & Procedures document.

The business owned by a Representative is referred to as a Distributorship.

Direct Customers 

A Direct Customer is an individual that purchases products directly from an ARIIX Representative or Member. Direct Customers are not enrolled with ARIIX. The price Direct Customers pay for ARIIX products is determined by a Representative but must be at or above the purchase price paid by the ARIIX Representative. However, ARIIX strongly recommends that the selling price should be the suggested retail price which is approximately 43% above the best price a Member or Representative can buy ARIIX products given the 15% discount they receive if they are on Auto-Delivery, and an additional 15% off if they are IIX Members. This allows Representatives the ability to make a retail profit based on the difference between their price paid and the price they collected for sold products.

Preferred Customers

Preferred Customers are registered with ARIIX, and are therefore able to participate in the Auto-Delivery Program and receive a 15% discount on the retail price of their product orders through that program. Preferred Customers are not allowed to sponsor or enroll Members, and they are not able to earn product credits or commissions through the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan. They are not given Income Positions within the ARIIX Genealogy Organization. All volume generated from Preferred Customers are assigned to the sponsoring Member or Representative and are placed within their organization for that Commission Period which would generate the highest commissions for the sponsor of the Preferred Customer for that particular commission period (see Auto-Balancing, below).

Preferred customers may also purchase a IIX Membership for a one-time cost of €19.95 EUR. This allows Preferred Customers an additional 15% off the suggested retail price of ARIIX products.

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