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4 Steps to Vibrant Health and Financial Freedom

Whether it was by fate or by chance that you ended up here, what you are about to discover is a company that is is poised to make a big impact in the world and you are one of the very first people to find out about it.
ARIIX – The Opportunity Company™ is an innovative new company offering a compelling home-based business opportunity for forward thinking entrepreneurs. ARIIX is designed for people who want to create a full and rich career while maintaining a health work-life balance. You will have the ability to create a full and rich life with time freedom, happiness, extra income and the ability to help others with new and exciting health, financial and lifestyle options.

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Capitalise on FAST Global Momentum

ARIIX is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the world. It is set to triple in size in the next few years and is predicted by industry analysts to become a billion dollar company. This represents a tremendous growth opportunity for dedicated individuals who are entrepreneurial and open minded. Early participants will be in the best position to spread their business around the world. You will take advantage of the newly-opened market of China and the upcoming welcoming of Malaysia. As ARIIX grows as a business, now is the time to get involves as there are billions of potential customers waiting for you.

 Ariix Compensation Plan

ARIIX’s compensation plan ranked #1 of all direct selling companies worldwide

 ARIIX’s Compensation Plan was voted in as the number one best compensation plan in the direct selling industry according to a poll conducted by BusinessForHome.org, a leading industry news source. With over 500 companies in the running, ARIIX as a newcomer, far outpaced and outranked industry icons, such as Herbalife (22nd place), Amway (60th place), and Avon (82nd place), by garnering as much as ten times more votes with a smaller distributor force, plus over 800,000 hits and 52,000 likes on Facebook. ARIIX is taking the industry by storm in its three-year history, turning heads with its patent-pending compensation plan, which centers on a unique, individually-branded, product-focused strategy. ARIIX’s health and wellness products are recognized as the gold standard in quality, and have twice received Product of the Year honors from the International Business Awards. The product lines are quickly gaining market share worldwide surpassing $3 million of sales per week at the beginning of 2015, a big milestone for the young company.

“There is no other opportunity in the world that matches what ARIIX has to offer,” said Robert Allen, best-selling author and Top Entrepreneur Creator. “Whether your aim is to earn a part-time, full-time, or big-time income, ARIIX gets you there faster and easier. It is simply one of a kind—the greatest home business of my lifetime! The ARIIX Compensation Plan helps business builders of all backgrounds to start making a profit faster and easier than any opportunity I have ever seen. That the compensation plan is recognized as number one in the world doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

 Ariix Brands

ARIIX health products are simply incredible

ARIIX already has a top quality product line that people just want to buy. It includes a range of highly effective, pure and potent nutritional supplements, a fast selling, patent pending, portable water filtration bottle providing pure, safe water from ANY water source in the world and a revolutionary, all natural, homeopathy based weight loss system that gets dramatic results quickly. Just released November 2015 and nicknamed the ‘Fountain of Youth’, is Ariix’s new Jouve Skin Care product line. ARIIX has plans to add many more unique, consumable products incorporated into new product divisions in finance, mother and baby care and other categories. You can be involved in one or many different product divisions while expanding your business into many new global markets, right from the comfort of your home.

 Ariix Activ8

The Power of FOUR

Rewarding you to the fullest, the patent-pending ACTIV8 Compensation Plan is literally the highest paying compensation plan. It was recently awarded the #1 Plan in the entire Industry. You have the opportunity to be paid on infinite width and infinite depth. Even more impressive, you never have to worry about that income being reduced, hindered or stopped. The ARIIX Bill of Rights, a first in the industry, also protects your business and income for the longevity of your business. You can build a thriving enterprise with confidence and leave a legacy for the generations that follow.

  Ariix Business Opportunity

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If you live in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico or Ireland, you are very welcome. In addition, experienced leaders will arrange secret meetings.


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