America’s Fastest Growing Health and Lifestyle Business

America’s Fastest Growing Health and Lifestyle Business
Whether it was by fate or by chance that you ended up here, what you are about to discover is a company that is is poised to make a big impact in the world and you are one of the very first people to find out about it.
ARIIX - THE Opportunity Company™ is an innovative new company offering a compelling home-based business opportunity for forward thinking entrepreneurs. ARIIX is designed for people who want to look and feel younger while creating a full and rich life with time freedom, happiness, extra income and the ability to help others with new and exciting health, wellness, financial and lifestyle options.


Capitalize on Momentum and Huge Expanding Markets

ARIIX recently set a new world record for the fastest growth of a direct selling company. It is set to triple in size in the next few years and predicted by industry analysts to become a billion dollar company.
This represents a tremendous opportunity for success driven individuals who are entrepreneurial and open minded. Those participating now will be in the best position to spread their business around the world taking advantage of a market of up to six billion people.

Right Time … Right Place … Right NOW

Already, ARIIX members with foresight have made and continue to make significant residual income as a result of their participation in the company's rapid growth and global expansion. Many will soon retire early to enjoy an enviable lifestyle of security with total freedom. This is your chance to position yourself at the ground floor so you too can be enjoying rich rewards within a reasonably short time.
A hardworking entrepreneur can make this an opportunity of a lifetime, part or full time. No staff problems or paper work to worry about, without jeopardizing what you are currently doing, you are self employed, leveraging your time and energy for maximum gains.

ARIIX'S Compensation Plan Ranked #1 Worldwide

ARIIX’S patent-pending ACTIV8 Compensation Plan provides the highest pay-out in the industry and is the FIRST multiline compensation plan that pays on infinite width and infinite depth.
It was recently voted in as the number one best compensation plan in the direct selling industry garnering as much as ten times more votes with a smaller distributor force, according to a poll conducted by, a leading industry news source.
Even more impressive, you never have to worry about that income being reduced, hindered or stopped. The ARIIX Bill of Rights protects your business and income for the longevity of your business. You can build a thriving enterprise with confidence and leave a legacy for the generations that follow.

Partner with ARIIX's fastest growing business team

Get your Products Free and Cover your Business Expenses
Join ARIIX and apply a step-by-step business building strategy developed by legendary trainer Time Sales (Tim is on our team). This step is designed to cover your business expenses and get your products free. You’ll have ongoing support whenever you need it, just a phone/skype call away.
Part Time Income and Financial Stability
As you grow your business using our state-of-the-art online presentations, ready-made websites, auto-responder emails, flyers and online/offline marketing tools and with four (4) team members doing what you just did in step #1, your earnings jump to US$1,000 - US$2,000 per month.
Full Time Income and Lifestyle Options
Our team of leaders have each individually built large businesses in their network marketing careers. They will guide you in stepping up into a leadership role. Help four (4) members of your team do what you did in step #2 an you can now be earning a full time residual income of US$5,000.00 - US$10,000 per month.
Unlimited Income and Time Freedom
With a seamless global compensation plan, new countries about to open and new product divisions to launch, you'll have limitless income potential and time freedom assured. Many bonuses and free company trips to exotic locations around the world are additional perks.

Unique Consumable Products + Multiple Brands
ARIIX already has a top quality product line that people just want to buy. It includes a range of highly effective, pure and potent nutritional supplements, a fast selling, patent pending, portable water filtration bottle providing pure, safe water from ANY water source in the world and a revolutionary, all natural, homeopathy based weight loss system that gets dramatic results quickly. Just released November 2015 and nicknamed the ‘Fountain of Youth’, is ARIIX’S new Jouve Skin Care product line.
ARIIX has plans to add many more unique, consumable products incorporated into new product divisions in finance, mother and baby care and other categories. You can be involved in one or many different product divisions while expanding your business into many new global markets, right from the comfort of your home.

Explore ARIIX
Many aspects of our company are unique and we invite you to put it to the test of any other comparable investment. What I would ask you to do is to make a decision to:
  1. Review the company's online presentation.
  2. Explore ARIIX’S corporate website with an open mind.
  3. Join now and get started. I can assure you, whatever your decision, it will be worth your time.

To your good health and prosperity!
Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our company. You are welcome to share this website with someone you know who is enthusiastic, energetic, open-minded and is keen to build financial independence.
We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and to help you identify the strengths of our business opportunity. If you require additional information, product catalogue or our step-by-step plan for success training pack, please contact us. 

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” …AriixWorldWide

Getting Started

If you want to become an ARIIX Representative OR just experience ARIIX products as a customer, here is what to do.
You can try the ARIIX products and experience first hand the benefits to your health and wellbeing. I can help you get products at a 30% discount (same price reps pay) on any product you order or if you just like to order products directly from ARIIX and have them shipped to your door, CLICK HERE
As an ARIIX Representative you can get your products at wholesale price and can start earning income as you build your own ARIIX business locally and internationally. You will be shown how to do it and be supported every step of the way. The ARIIX seamless global compensation plan provides you with healthy residual commissions from your network of Customers/Representatives worldwide.
You will be guided step-by-step in how to get your new business off to a fast start, get your products FREE and then to earn your initial US$1000 to US$2,000 a month, part time income. You will have help every step of the way. To get started today CLICK HERE
There is also a form available that you can fill out and fax or email to the company if you prefer. Take advantage of ordering a product pack. Elite or Business packs are the preferred method of joining to maximize your long term business growth. 

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Build your ARIIX business Internationally from your country
If you are from a country where ARIIX has not yet officially launched, you can still order products or become an ARIIX Representative. We can show you how. Build your business, maximize your involvement as a Representative and earn commissions all prior to ARIIX launching officially in your own country.


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