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ARIIX Corporation announces its Nutrifii™ brand, a line of premier health supplements, as the official sponsor of the S.B.V. Excelsior Football Club in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The world-class club is a member of the Eredivisie league (“Honor League”), competing with the Netherland’s most prestigious football teams.

Products in the Nutrifii line that support the high-demand diet of these elite athletes include Optimals™ vitamins and minerals; Omega-Q, a supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acids; Rejuveniix™, a natural energy supplement; Restoriix, a naturally detoxifying formula; and Moa™, a nutrient-dense superfood drink supplement.

In addition to the Nutrifii products, Excelsior athletes also incorporate PureNourish™ and Power Boost™shakes into their training routines. PureNourish  provides a high-protein snack replacement rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Power Boost is a complementary addition to the shakes formulated especially for the demanding schedule of the athlete. Its special blend of amino acids and other nutrients support peak athletic performance and shorten recovery times following extreme exertion.

The team’s supplements were recommended by Rosa Rodriguez, the club’s lifestyle coach, as a high-quality addition to the athlete’s nutritional demands. “Previously, the dietary focus was primarily on weight and body fat, but now we go a step further,” explains Ms. Rodriguez, “Everything now is focused on rapid recovery of the body, allowing the players to deliver at top capacity as soon as possible after a game.”

“Every game, we need to give it more than 100%, to deliver top performance,” adds Sander Fischer, the club’s Team Captain. “With the Nutrifii products, that is possible, and we can also achieve an optimal recovery after strenuous exercise.” PerWouter Gudde, Excelsior’s Commercial Director, agrees, saying, “It is important to optimize conditions for the players. Through the partnership with ARIIX and its Nutrifii products, we have succeeded in offering our players real nutritional tools that will take them further in their professional career.”

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