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Before you can buy ARIIX products online, there are a few things you need to know.
 Ariix Brands
ARIIX is always growing and opening new markets, so if your country of residence is not listed, it means ARIIX is not yet officially open in your country.
This does not mean that you are not able to get your ARIIX products, you just can not buy them from the website, to get them, you will need to contact us with information about where you live, and we will return to you with more information about how you can get your own ARIIX products for you to enjoy.
If your country of residence is not already open it also means you have a great chance to be one of the first there to distribute the great products from ARIIX in your country and build your own business there as an ARIIX representative.
Today ARIIX is open in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine and The United States of America
You also have to be aware of that depending of your country of residence, here might be a slight difference in the products available. If you can not find the product you are looking for in your country or you have any questions which products are available in your country, please contact me.
When you are at the shopping cart, all you have to do is follow these steps, select your products and then "Check Out" to complete your purchase.
The shopping cart summary will show the current number of items in your cart and the total price of these items appear on your order. Note: The price does not include taxes or shipping charges.

How to buy ARIIX Products

First you will be asked to choose where you want your products to be shipped. Here you are able to choose from the following countries. Please note that if you live in the European Union (except The Netherlands), then you first choose European Union and then your country of residence.
European Union *
Puerto Rico
Hong Kong
The United States of America
* In the European Union ARIIX ships directly to the following countries:
UK and Northern Ireland

What if my country is not on the list?

If you do not live in one of these countries, then you need to get in contact with me, and I will help you, so that you can buy ARIIX products for your self, or if you are interested, we can also talk about how to take the products to your country.

The Shopping Cart

When you have chosen your country of residence, click "NEXT" to go to the shopping cart.
Here you will be met with the option of signing up for Auto Delivery, which will give you a 15% off on your first order and then a 30% discount on all future orders.
Please notice that if you sign up for Auto Delivery, where you will receive your products automatically every 4 weeks. You can change your order from delivery to delivery, so that you do not have to order the same every time. You are also able to cancel your Auto Delivery after your second order.
In the menu at the top you can choose the product category.
These are the categories:
Nutrifii - Nutritional products
Slenderiiz - Weight lose program
Priime - Essential Oils
Reviive - Personal care products
Puritii - Water and Air purifiers
When you are done with your order, click "CHECK OUT", and you will be taken to the payment, where you enter your address and your payment information.
Thank you for your order.

 Ariix Business Opportunity

Getting Started

If you want to become an ARIIX Representative OR just experience ARIIX products as a customer, here is what to do.
You can try the ARIIX products and experience first hand the benefits to your health and wellbeing. I can help you get products at a 30% discount (same price reps pay) on any product you order or if you just like to order products directly from ARIIX and have them shipped to your door, CLICK HERE
As an ARIIX Representative you can get your products at wholesale price and can start earning income as you build your own ARIIX business locally and internationally. You will be shown how to do it and be supported every step of the way. The ARIIX seamless global compensation plan provides you with healthy residual commissions from your network of Customers/Representatives worldwide.
You will be guided step-by-step in how to get your new business off to a fast start, get your products FREE and then to earn your initial US$1000 to US$2,000 a month, part time income. You will have help every step of the way. To get started today CLICK HERE
There is also a form available that you can fill out and fax or email to the company if you prefer. Take advantage of ordering a Product Pack. Elite or Business packs are the preferred method of joining to maximize your long term business growth. 

Build your ARIIX business Internationally from your country
The ARIIX Opportunity and Products are available in Austrailia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, UK, and the United States. We are now in the European Union and shipping to Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 🌐 🌍

 Buy Now&Save 30%
The 'BUY NOW & SAVE 30%' button can be found throughout the website alongside all products. This will take you directly to the Ariix Shop where you can place your order for any products you may wish to try and have them shipped directly to your door.  You have 3 options available to you within the Ariix Shop:

  1. Try any of the products at the Retail Price by simply adding your chosen product(s) to the cart and check out.
  2. Become a "Preferred Customer" for a small one time only fee.  As a preferred customer you will SAVE 15% on this purchase and all others purchases made through the Ariix shop for LIFE
  3. Become a "Preferred Customer" but also receive your products every 4-weeks on "Auto-Delivery" to maintain good health and save yourself SAVE 30%
(Auto-Delivery can be amended or cancelled at any time without charge)

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