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Puritii removes all three pollutant categories with over 99% efficiency, including:
» Particulate Matters: PM2.5 removed for 100% and PM0.3 removed for more than 99%
» Including airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi pollen, dust and dust mite residue, pet dander, etc.
» Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from smoke, odors, exhausts, fumes, chemicals, etc.
The system uses a high-capacity DC motor that:
» Pulls air through at 262 cubic feet per minute
» Decreases energy usage up to 50% compared to AC-powered purifiers
» The unit is very quiet
Filtration occurs in an 11-stage process which:
» Captures particulates as small as .3 microns
» Creates particulate-free air for cleaning of VOCs
» Absorbs dangerous gases, chemicals and odors
» Ionizes air to make it fresh and clean

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