The patented Activ8 Compensation plan pays in 8 different ways..

Best Compensation Plan #1

ARIIX Activ8 compensation plan has 5 patents pending.  The only patented compensation plan in the industry paying you more than any other!

Are you looking for the best compensation plan in network-marketing that will pay you more for all of your work and effort?
Many companies claim to pay up to 50% but with manipulation of points and wording they actually pay between 25-35%.
ARIIX pays a true 50% (over 50cents of every dollar goes back to the representatives in commissions and bonuses).
Have you been in a network-marketing company to find that suddenly the compensation plan gets ‘Upgraded’?
Many distributors worldwide in MLM speak about standing up and cheering at events, excited about huge compensation plan updates to find when they return home they are earning a lot less than before the event.  This CANNOT happen with ARIIX as for the first time in the industry you are truly protected with your business.
Don’t believe us just because we say it, believe us because it is in writing and we cannot change the compensation plan without the representatives permission.
If we do update the compensation plan it will be for the better, however if for any reason you are not happy you have the right to stick to your original agreement which you first signed up with.
The patented Activ8 Compensation plan pays in 8 different ways..
Paid 50% On The Dollar Not Points – HUGE DEAL!
 7 Generations Of Matching Bonus With No Breakaways.
 And Much More!!

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