The Safe and Superior alternative to artificial energy enhancersㅡRejuveniix


Rejuveniix – The Safe and Superior alternative to artificial energy enhancers
We’re all guilty of it, reaching for those energy drinks that are packed full of sugar, artificial additives, ingredients and flavorings to mask just how bad they really are for you. Needing that quick fix of energy to get us through the day, which only to be later rewarded with that typical crash and come down that artificial energy supplements always come with. So your quickly left with two options suffer the crash or top it up with yet more energy supplements.
Now this will only lead to one direction
Addiction, and this is why the yearly Energy drinks industry makes on average of 50 billion relying on stimulants from unnatural sources and high amounts of processed caffeine to keep you addicted.  This will only lead to problems with your health, nasty side effects, head aches, mood swings and irritability. Regular consumption of these stimulants take a negative effect on your body, health and mind. These unnatural supplements should be avoided at all costs.
Step forward Rejuveniix – A superior, natural and safe alternative from the Nutrifii range
Rejuveniix brings a safe alternative to all those nasty products on the market, with a signature combination of anti-oxidants, natural super food extracts and a helpful dose of natural energy enhancers that provides that important boost needed to improve mental alertness, energy and and overall sense of well being.
Rejuveniix works with your body to increase energy naturally
The Rejuveniix super fruit blend provides a diverse and synergistic blend of nutrients and super foods that deliver superior benefits unlike anything else out there.
  • Acia Berry – Found in the Brazilian rain forest these tiny yet potent and powerful little berries deliver a nutritional punch that amazonian people have been consuming for over a 1000 years to help promote overall health and well-being.
  • Mangosteen Fruit – Which is also known by names such as “food of the gods” by the French people and “Queen of the fruits” in Asian cultures. Mangosteen contains natural Xanthones which is a unique class of biologically active compounds that contain anti-oxidants.
  • Maqui Berry – Originates from the Patagonian region of South America, This super anti-oxidant containing fruit was consumed by the Mapuche Indians for it’s medicinal properties and can be often seen credited for its contribution to weight loss and removal of toxins from the body.
  • Noni Fruit – Originates from Polynesian cultures and resembles a small potato. Noni contains essential elements that are beneficial to humans such as fiber, proteins, iron, vitamin c, calcium and zinc.
  • Sea Buckthorn – This berry has a rich history throughout Europe and Asia for medicinal purposes, Sea Buckthorn contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, health fatty acids and numerous other nutrients. These berries also contain a high content of Vitamins c + e, essential minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, caratenoids and phenolic pigments.
  • Goji Berry – Goji berries can be found in China and Europe and particularly favored in Chinese medicinal preparations for thousands of years. These tiny berries contain anti-oxidants, particularly the carotenoids, beta carotene and zeaxanthin which are helpful in protecting the retina and with supporting eye sight.

Rejuveniix natural energy enhancers that contain added benefits
  • L-Theanine –  Is the amino acid found in green tea leaves and research has shown that this amino acid creates a sense of relaxation approximately 30-40 minutes after consumption by directly stimulating alpha brain waves. This creates a state of deep relaxation and mental alertness similar to meditation.
  • Green coffee bean extract – Has anti-oxidant properties similar to the natural anti-oxidant components of green tea and grape seed extract.
  • Hawthorn berry – Is anti-oxidant rich and is beneficial for helping reduce damage from free radicals as well as supporting blood flow, improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.
  • Chamomile – Is valued for its calming and anti anxiety properties, its ability to reduce digestive problems,  and to help in the relief of muscle spasms and a topical ointment for cuts and wounds.
You can now safely say there is a natural and effective alternative to all those high sugar and unnatural alternatives out there on the market.  An alternative that is non addictive, doesn’t come full of nasty side effects and any of those unwanted variety of health risks make the switch today to reap the benefits of this amazing product.

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