The word ARIIX originally comes from the Latin root for the word “GOLD”. ARIIX’s mission in the health and wellness industry is to set the gold standard for all their products. ARIIX products exceed industry standards by setting the highest benchmarks for quality in the industry.
All of Ariix’s products are meticulously researched, formulated, and tested to be the very highest quality. Our Partners are world renowned experts in their area in order to bring you products that truly are at the leading edge of what science has to offer in the health and wellness industry.
ARIIX Products are NSF Certified
Achieving NSF certification is very costly. It takes a lot of time and labour, and so many companies wait several years to apply for NSF Certification in order to work out their bugs in the manufacturing process. However, the NSF certification has been on all Ariix products since we entered the market on day one.
ARIIX Products are FDA Approved
ARIIX products have the highest level of FDA certification achievable in the industry, being produced in an FDA registered drug facility which is subject to very stringent conditions and onerous testing.
ARIIX Products Have OTC Certification
What sets Ariix apart is that we have the OTC (Over the Counter) standard. What this means is that ARIIX products match the standard of over the counter medicines and are manufactured in exactly the same way. Many other supplement companies will work for over 20 years to achieve this certification, yet Ariix’s products were OTC certified from the very first day that we entered the market.
How Have ARIIX Products Achieved Such A High-Level Certification?
Our products were able to achieve these high level government and industry certifications so quickly because the company was founded by a team of individuals who have, for many years, been at the high end of the market when it comes to the manufacturing process of products. Our expertise, confidence, and extreme testing standards have led to streamlined approvals in the certification process of Ariix products.
We are a company that is in the process of changing many minds about the way we think about our health. Ariix believes in the prevention of disease and health problems before they even begin… why wait for a problem to develop and then search for a way to eradicate that problem, if we can just live healthier, better lives by using the highest quality products that nature and science has to offer?
Ariix’s CEO Dr. Fred Cooper has already taken a very well-known direct selling company, also in the health industry, called Usana to be one of the greatest health science companies in the world today. Thus, you can rest assured that with Dr. Fred Cooper being the CEO and one of the founders of Ariix, we will exceed all expectations on every level… Especially when it comes to Ariix products.


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There is also a form available that you can fill out and fax or email to the company if you prefer. Take advantage of ordering a Product Pack. Elite or Business packs are the preferred method of joining to maximize your long term business growth. 

Build your ARIIX business Internationally from your country
If you are from a country where ARIIX has not yet officially launched, you can still order products or become an ARIIX Representative. We can show you how. Build your business, maximize your involvement as a Representative and earn commissions all prior to ARIIX launching officially in your own country.

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