How Restoriix Works to Shed Fat & Where You Can Buy It

When you search the worldwide web for answers on how to lose the fat that is setting you back, you will find an enormous amount of advice. Some of that advice may work, but a vast amount of the fat loss suggestions can be downright dangerous. But, there is one product that has shown overwhelming results. It is called Restoriix.

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What Restoriix is

Before explaining to you how Restoriix works, I believe you should know what it is.
Our bodies are designed to battle outer forces attacking the system. When we encounter free radicals such as pollution, and heavy metals, our systems go into a natural defense mode, but because of our diets and lifestyle, we are often just as much an enemy to our bodies as the pollution we breathe in.
The stress on our system becomes fat… and often that is belly fat.

Your diet

It IS important that you plan and implement a healthy diet. But so many who do so still say they cannot shed that belly or fat in other areas that is unsightly and can cause deep depression.
The circle takes us back to the free radicals that are entering your body. The pollution from exhaust, cigarette smoke and other toxins come into your system in multiple ways. And even though you may be eating a healthy diet and even exercising, you are still holding onto fat.

Detoxification is the answer

This is where Restoriix comes in. Restoriix is an all natural cleansing system that grabs the toxins from your body and flushes them away. And as I said, it is completely natural. Restoriix ingredients include:
  • Zeolite – Zeolite is a mineral that holds a negative charge. Working like a magnet, Zeolite draws free radicals to it and the mineral also has free areas where it can store these free radicals until it is released from your body.
  • Chlorella – Chlorella comes from algae and has been proven to be a great source of protein. It is also a superb antioxidant that has shown extreme results in the removal of toxins from the human body. It is also a supporter of the immune system, healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Chia seeds – Chia seeds are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids that our bodies require and are usually attained from sea food. They are a great source of fiber and carry many antioxidants.
  • Activated charcoal – Working together with the Zeolite, the activated charcoal also acts much like a sponge soaking up the free radicals and taking them away from your body.
  • Sodium copper chlorophyllin – This water soluble agent will soak up many toxins and also take them away from your body.
  • Ginger root powder – Ginger has an extensive list of health benefits, and has been well known to help free our bodies of toxins. Ginger is also helpful in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks, supports the immune function and fights bacterial infections.
  • Organic spirulina – Spirulina is one of the best supplements to detox heavy metals from your system. It is also known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The benefits of spirulina are numerous.

Restoriix has all that to help you have a full body cleansing

And, this is how Restoriix helps you shed that body fat. It takes the stress off your body by taking all those deadly toxins away.
So the Restoriix cleanses and if used in conjunction with the Slenderiiz diet, you will find body fat dissolving away. The key is ridding your body of the gunk and junk that puts your body under high stress.

And you can still eat on the Slenderiiz diet plan

Other diet plans try to cut your eating out. This causes more stress on your body that you really do not need. On the Slenderiiz diet, you can still eat over 1200 calories per day from a wide range of sources such as:
  • Grass fed meat
  • Various sea-foods
  • Nearly all fruits and vegetables
  • and more

Does that mean you have to go on the Slenderiiz diet with Restoriix?

While it is recommended for the ultimate weight loss, you can use Restoriix alone to rid your body of toxins, and it will help delete that unsightly body fat.
You may be asking yourself if Restoriix is safe. That is a common question and many medical professionals will testify that it is completely safe. Just ask:
  • Dr. Ray Strand who is an expert on Nutritional Medicine and authored the book: Healthy For Life.
  • Dr. Jeff Illeck, an OB/GYN specialist who stands by these products.
  • Dr. Marlisa Hurt who is an Anti-Aging Medical Specialist.
  • Dr. Alan Organ who lost weight himself using the system.

Possible side effects from Restoriix

I totally believe that along with all the benefits of Restoriix, you also should know any possible side effects.
It is shown that when Zeolite removes certain toxic substances from your body, it can bring on dehydration. The best method to defeat that small issue is to drink ample amounts of water. Coffee, tea, soda and juices really do not count. By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, you will stay hydrated and the toxins will get free of your body allowing you to feel clean and pure.
In some cases, the Chlorella can cause slight nausea, cramping or even diarrhea which should dissipate as the nasty toxins leave your system.

Who manufactures and distributes Restoriix?

Restoriix is distributed through one of the top network marketing companies in the United States and is spreading worldwide.
Ariix offers Restoriix through their Slenderiiz brand of products. If you have searched for Restoriix in retail stores, you will not find it and if you do, it is either a fake or being sold there illegally.
That also goes with online buying and selling locations such as eBay and Amazon. Most generally, if they are selling Restoriix at these sites, it probably is not really the true Restoriix. And it could be dangerous because you really do not know what is in those bottles you receive.
If you do find any of these products on any of those locations, we ask that you please report it immediately. Ariix, Restoriix and Slenderiiz independent dealers will appreciate it because if humans are harmed and the bottle says Restoriix even if it doesn’t contain the same ingredients, it can harm their business.

So, where can you buy Restoriix?

Well for one, you are in the right place. As independent distributors of Ariix products, we offer the real Restoriix here. And, the only place you CAN get the real Restoriix is from an independent Ariix distributor.
I also highly recommend the 28 day Slenderiiz Challenge to completely erase the body fat.
  • I recommend exercise, but this program will work without exercise.
  • It is 100% natural and is completely safe.
  • You don’t have to go on a crazy diet.
  • And studies have shown an average weight loss of 13 pounds in the 28 day period.

Products that work hand in hand with Restoriix

I mentioned that Slenderiiz works with Restoriix but there are several other products I recommend for maximum fat loss:
  • Pure Nourish Natural
  • Pure Nourish Power Boost
  • Pure Nourish Beauty Boost
  • Optimals
  • Rejuveniix
  • Omega Q
  • Magnical D
  • and Moa

The best way to take Restoriix

It is recommended that you take Restoriix on an empty stomach. It is suggested you take it 1 hour before eating any food or 2 hours after eating food. This will allow Restoriix to work to its optimum capacity.
You just simply mix 1 scoop of the Restoriix mix with water or juice once per day. You mix it thoroughly, but it may not all dissolve. Both the activated charcoal and Zeolite do not completely dissolve, but drink it all and simply wash it down with more water.
If you feel that you are overloaded with toxins in your body and want to do a very deep cleaning, you can use Restoriix twice per day.
And by the way, there are some people who say that Restoriix makes a great toothpaste too.

Are you ready to lose that body fat?

You can start with the Restoriix and get your system cleansed, but as I said earlier, the 28 day Slenderiiz challenge may be your best bet.
Instead of messing around with all those fad diets that are sweeping the internet, why not go with a system that is proven, tried and true? What’s more… Results are absolutely guaranteed or you get your money back.
So let’s get you started losing the fat! Just pop on over to the get started page and you will start erasing that unsightly fat and feel healthier soon.
And the best part is, you get the Ariix Superior Quality Seal of Approval; if you are not fully satisfied, you get your money back.

So, you have nothing to lose except unwanted fat.

Thank you for stopping by.
Do you know someone who is having a hard time getting rid of unwanted weight? Someone who wants to detoxify their systems in a healthy and natural way? Please share this with them and they will surely thank you for it.

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