How to Earn Money

 How To Make Money

When we are talking about talking about how to earn money, there are some questions that naturally pops up in our mind. We must know the answer to these questions if we want to get what it is we really want. Here are some of these questions.

My ability to earn money depends on where I live?

What you are earning does not depend on where you are living. In every country there are people who earns a lot of money and there are people who has a daily struggle to get enough money to just survive.
It is the same in a town or village, there are people who earns a lot of money and there are people who does not earn enough. If you are living in a town, all you have to do is to take a look at the people that are living in your street.
Do they all earn the same? No, that is why what you earn does not depend on where you live...
...but there are places where it is easier to earn money than others and you have to be where there is a demand for your product or service.

My ability to earn money depends on my education and my talents?

What you earn does not depend on your education or your talents. There are people with a good education or of great talent that earns a lot of money and there are people with the same education or talent that does not have anything.
If you ask me, I will tell you that it is very good to study and to get an education, but do not do it for money, do it because you love it and it is something that interests you.
There is probably something that you are very interested in and that you have some kind of talent for. It is to use this talent of yours and to improve it and then find a place where you can benefit from using it.

My ability to earn money depends on my age?

What you earn does not depend on your age, there are young people and old people who earns a lot of money and at the same time there are people of all ages not earning anything.
It also does not depend if you have savings or not, but it might be easier if you have some capital to invest in the beginning.

My ability to earn money depends on my sex?

What you earn does not depend on your sex. There are rich men and rich women in the world and there are also men and women who does not earn anything.

My ability to earn money depends on my family?

What you earn does not depend on your family, but you must be aware of that the way you have been brought up has probably influenced you in your way of thinking about money.
There are young people with very rich parents that are poor and there are also young people, who has not received any money from there parents, who has been capable of obtaining success in the world of money.

My ability to earn money depends on what I do?

What you earn does not depend on what you do because there are people doing one thing that earns a lot of money and then there are people that are not able to earn any money doing the same thing. It depends on how you do what you do and it is about doing it in a way that works.

My ability to earn money depends on me?

YES, what you earn depends on you! You are responsible for your life, feelings and for every result you get. You are the only one who in reality controls how much money you earn.
It is though not sure that you are aware of this and therefore you have not done enough to earn what it is you really wants to earn, you have not taken the time to think about and to answer the question:

How do I earn money?

There are three concepts you need to know about when you want to know how to earn money. Each of them works in different ways and there are some that works better. There is actually a huge difference between the three ways to earn money.

1% of the people earn 96% of the money that is being earned!

You might not believe me, I also had problems believing it when I first heard it. This might be because we are not taught how to earn money in school.

Work for Money

There are 96% of the population that uses the concept of "Work for Money". It is where you trade your time for money, and this concept does not work.

Earn Money with Money

There are 3% of the population that uses the concept of "Earn Money with Money". It is where you invest money to earn more money. This concept works, but you need to have money to do it, you need to know how to invest your money or at least know someone who knows how to invest money (your money).
This means one who has experience and a good record in the world of investing. If you do not know how to invest or knows someone who does, then you might loose all your money fast.

Network Marketing

There are 1% of the population that uses the concept of "Network Marketing". It is where you invest your time in helping other people and then afterwards you earn a little percentage when these people earn some money.

I want to know how to earn money!

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