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Nutrifii by Arrix is the ultimate in premium vitamin and wellness support.   With a variety of supplements to choose from, you can turn to Nutrifii for any and all of your wellness support needs.  All products go through stringent testing to ensure the highest level of quality and purity.  Whether you are looking for an all around multivitamin, energy, antioxidants or superfoods, Nutrifii has a supplement that will support your needs and help you maintain wellness.
For all around nutrient support the Optimal-V (vitamins) and Optimal-M (minerals) are a must.  Each provides the full spectrum of needed compounds for healthy living.  In the over-processed world in which we live, ensuring that you body is receiving all the needed vitamins and minerals in the right amounts can be a challenge.  Combining Optimal-V and Optimal-M will ensure that you are getting everything you need for cellular health.
Including Omega-3s has become a regular part of any wellness support regime.  The Nutrifii Omega-Q combines EPA and DHA fatty oils derived from sustainably raised fish with Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10).  This powerful combination works to support brain function, energy production and cardiovascular health.  Omega-3 fatty acids are recommended for all stages of life to help keep cholesterol in check and maintain overall health.  The benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are well researched and the evidence is clear.  These are essential nutrients for optimal health and well being.
CoQ10 is equally as powerful and crucial for cellular health and energy production.  For an additional boost of this crucial antioxidant, Nutrifii also offers Biopro-Q.  Biopro-Q is a safe, natural and easily absorbable form of Coenzyme Q-10.   The addition of CoQ10 to your regular complement of vitamin supplements will help regulate cholesterol levels and increase energy at the cellular level.
Additional antioxidant support for eyes, skin, heart and lungs can be found in Vinali bu Nutrifii.  These powerful antioxidants reduce the free radicals that compromise the cellular health of these vital organs.  Including antioxidants as a regular part of your wellness support efforts will help you on the inside and outside.  These important compounds are crucial for giving skin a youthful appearance and maintaining hearth and cardiovascular health.  The anti-aging effects are well documented and important for all levels of health.
All the efforts at creating your healthiest you and taking care of your body are bolstered when you are able to remove the chemicals and free radicals that already exist.  Detoxification plays a big part in putting your body into its healthiest state.  Restoriix by Nutrifii utilizes zeolite, chorella and a variety of superfoods to help you release and remove the many impurities that accumulate in your body as part of what is often a toxic environment.  These natural and safe ingredients will pull toxins from your body, help restore a healthy PH, improve cholesterol and support immunity.
Aging takes its toll on many of our body’s systems and organs.  The makes the need to replenish key nutrients on a daily basis even more important.  We are told as children to drink milk because it will help our bones grow.  As adults we often overlook calcium and our need for it to maintain bone density and strength.  Calcium is crucial to for bone health.  Calcium alone, however, is not easily utilized by the body.  It requires the help of other key nutrients in order to be properly utilized.  Nutrfii’s Magnical-D combines a natural form of calcium with vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and magnesium for a powerful blend that will be easily absorbed and provide optimum bone and muscle support.
Achieving your optimal wellness through nutrition requires daily thought and effort.  In the hectic world in which we life this can be a challenge.  Over processed, fat, salt and sugar laden foods are everywhere we turn.  The crazed schedules we often keep make it difficult to keep the proper foods handy and we often find ourselves in a mid-afternoon slump or facing a week of mental fatigue.  Nutrifii helps you combat these circumstances by making nutrition easy.  Rejuviniix by Nutrifii is a daily supplement that combines the power of identified superfoods, antioxidants and natural energy enhancers to help keep you focused and alert through a busy day.  Green coffee bean extract and acai berry are just two of an impressive array of ingredients that will keep you feeling strong and sharp.
To take things one step further, Nutrfii by Arrix has also created MOA, an intense blend of 34 superfoods.  MOA was specifically crafted to utilize the most potent superfoods in precisely the right combination to provide optimal wellness support.  Taken in liquid form on a daily basis, it eliminates the need to search far and wide for expensive and unusual ingredients to improve your health.   MOA is natural, safe and free of any toxins and chemicals.
Nutrifii by Ariix has created a system of supplements that provides you with one stop shopping for all your wellness support needs.  From vitamins and minerals to energy and heart health, these pure and natural ingredients will help you maintain the health and vitality that is so important.   Tested and proven, you can feel confident that you are doing the best for your body by using the premium in quality when trusting the Nutrifii products.

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