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I’m just one of those guys who doesn’t really care about science, clinical studies, or technical stuff. I just care about results. And twice I have been able to get great results from this program.
The first time: I lost 32 lbs in two months.
The second time:  32.5 lbs in two months.
My net loss is approaching 50 lbs. (not 65 lbs, as I regained about 15 lbs in between using Slenderiiz).  My final goal is 60/65 lbs total and in another month or so I’ll be there, weighing in at 175/180 lbs. That’s RESULTS and without the Slenderiiz Program, this would not have happened.
You see, I’m not a fruit and vegetable kind of guy, and if that was all I could eat on this program, it would never have worked.  I tried several times to go it alone, diet and exercise only, and failed, time and time again. Had I only had PureNourish, a little knowledge of how to modify my diet, and modest exercise, I might have got some results.
But it was through the combination of all the supplements that comprise the Slenderiiz Program that I accomplished these results.
I started at  241lbs,  I’m 5’9” tall, 28 years old, and not really healthy for someone my age. Today, I’m down about 50 lbs and I’ll be back to where I was in high school in about a month. OH, WHAT A FEELING!!
In the beginning of summer, 2014, I was down 32 lbs. In August, 2014, my life went downhill from marriage issues. By December 24, 2014, I was back up to 228 lbs when my Dad asked me if I’d like to try to win $1000 in a weight loss contest.   I was ready for that and needed something positive in my life. I knew the program worked since I had previously lost 32 lbs on it.
Needless to say, PureNourish, with the companion Power or Beauty Boosts, have become my fruits and vegetables, along with an apple or two a day to “keep the doctor away.” These products taste great, they’re satisfying, will help you feel full, and provide a complete and balanced nutrition, which is a key variable when trying to lose and control weight. Combined with the other components of the Slenderiiz Program, I was not hungry. I felt satisfied and stopped craving empty calories like fast food and processed foods. My daily caloric intake was about 1200 calories of nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods, high in protein and low in fat, and I always felt full and satisfied.
Exercise Routine:
  • The first month, I didn’t have a consistent routine other than an occasional walk or activity with my two girls and my irregular work schedule, consisting of commercial snow removal/ some snow shoveling.
  • The second month, I joined a fitness club and tried to consistently do 30-50 minutes of aerobic/cardiovascular workouts on primarily the elliptical machine.
  • The last two weeks I began to do a minimal amount of weight lifting with sit-ups.
The previously outlined regimen, along with 80 to 100 ounces of water daily, as well as consistently taking all of the recommended supplements, such as: Slenderiix and Xceler8, Optimals, Restoriix, Omega-Q, and Rejuveniix, is how I got incredible results. This system produced results that will help me keep the fat off forever when I apply what I’ve learned through this journey.
Knowledge is key to moving forward for me. We all have a choice to make every day. We are all in control of our daily food decisions. Health boils down to three simple choices:  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Slenderiiz PureNourish has a permanent place in my daily, weekly, and lifelong eating patterns, habits, and food choices.  And thanks to the Slenderiiz Program, I am now in control of my weight.
–Jason Stehouwer


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