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ARIIX Business Review by Definition

In July 2011, Dr. Fred W. Cooper, Deanna Latson, Riley Timmer, Mark Wilson and Jeff Yates from USANA founded their company, ARIIX. With an experience of more than two decades in the network marketing field and as senior executives, ARIIX soon became a company everyone knew about.
The word ARIIX is taken from the Latin language that means ‘Gold’ and in the yesteryears, ARIIX literary generated products that were gold in their categories. There are many network marketing companies out there and in these four years, ARIIX became a part of the multi-billion dollar health and wellness industry.
ARIIX executives said that, “ARIIX was born from the vision of six leading minds in business and nutritional science who wanted to create a unique company based on the "golden rule" of helping others as they help you.”
“Our name, ARIIX, comes from combining the Latin word Aurum, meaning gold, with "IIX," similar to the Roman numeral 8. Rotating the 8 gives you the infinity symbol, which you can see reflected in our logo.
So the name altogether means eternal wealth, and also symbolizes our effort to set the "gold standard" for excellence in our products and our company as a whole.”
Armed with an arsenal of knowledge on the health supplements industry, as well as a flair for leadership, they have decided to establish a company that would not only offer customers products that would enhance their health and wellness, but would offer individuals a chance to establish their own business, as well. It was for this purpose that ARIIX was born.
Not only ARIIX contributed in the health industry but in 2012-2013 their income growth was 244%; whereas the industry average was 26%. When the sales growth of other network marketing companies were 31%, ARIIX had a sales growth of 562%. The industry average of sales (not points) in MLM is 38% but consistently, year-to-year ARIIX has paid 50% commission as a percentage of sales.
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And while they are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, check this link to see that they do still have an A rating.

ARIIX Compensation Plan

In the network marketing industries, there are usually three ways in which a compensation plan works.
 Unlimited Income

1. Unilevel Compensation Plan:
Unilevel Compensation Plan allows a person to build a network and let it evolve on one level only. The work of his other members won’t affect his growth.
2. Binary Compensation Plan:
Unlike Unilevel Compensation Plan, Binary Compensation Plan allows a person to add different individuals under him, and when he adds two people to him, he will be getting a moderate reward for it. The two people who he added, will add to another people under their hierarchy and make growth.
3. Matrix Compensation Plan:
Matrix Compensation Plan restricts a person from building his network and learning from each end.
What is so unique about ARIIX Compensation Plan?
ARIIX has launched industries first multiline compensation plan that helps everyone in the multi level marketing company to earn money.
ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan is one of kind, and it helps a person to earn and build his network as it works exponentially. Not only this, with Activ8 one can earn up to 50% of the compensate payout.
ARIIX’s Compensation Plan also allows an individual to work and promote cross-line support with everyone.
According to, ARRIX’s Compensation Plan has been voted at the number one best compensation plan when it comes to direct selling of products in the industry. There are more than 500 companies currently registered that offers Compensation Plan.
ARIIX is a newcomer, it has already outranked network marketing icons like, Amway, Avon, and Herbalife with more than 800,000 hits and around 52,000 likes on the Facebook page.  Of course this happened in the era of a social media mecca.
All the ARIIX’s medical products have received Product of the Year honors from the International Business Awards twice in a row, and it is just because of the quality of their health and wellness products.
Being a young company, ARIIX had a $3 million of sales per week at the beginning of 2015.

How to earn good money with ARIIX's different plans?

Network Marketing Company, ARIIX has this amazing business plans that let you earn not only what you invested from your end but also helps in building a vast network that gives you different scopes to earn and learn.
ARIIX’s 6 Accelerated Sales and Profit Bonus Plan (A.S.A.P.) is designed to accelerate one’s ability to return their investment and reach profitability.
With ARIIX’s ASAP Business Pack, one can earn on the commission when he can sell six different business packs.
Not only this, but the doors of opportunities are also open for those who sell 4 Elite Packs as well.
2. Auto-Balancing
Auto-Balancing All volume generated from either Preferred Customers or personal purchases in excess of 75 point generation requirement for a cycle, is Auto-Balanced. This means that this volume is placed where it would generate the greatest amount of commissions or credits from the sponsoring Distributorship during that particular week. This Auto-Balancing feature will occur for all orders except the initial order that activates the first income position. Any excess volume from this activation order, will be paid in an ASAP bonus to the sponsor in an amount equal to (or greater from specific Packs) what the new member would have received from this autobalanced volume.

3. Team Lead Bonus
ARIIX’s Team Lead Bonus is specially designed for those who want to earn enough commissions when they pay for their order through Auto-Delivery Order (ADO).
4. Income Position Bonus
Why earn only from the work you have done? Why not come in the front along with the company and have a taste of Global Market Economy.
The members can earn from the 2% of worldwide sales volume that is kept in the pool, and if one’s pay line is optimized, he will get payment from the worldwide sales volume.
5. Pay Line Bonus
There are many network marketing companies that let you earn from their share of Global Market Economy but what distinguish ARIIX from the other network marketing companies is it's Pay Line Bonus.
The Pay Line Bonus works exactly like Income Position Bonus Plan; it let the members earn from the 1% of worldwide sales volume when they optimize their second pay line.
6. Saving Bonus
ARIIX always saves an additional 15% of the base commission when the member earns at least $250 in a said week.
ARIIX then starts to save up to $2000 a month for the active members until they reached $10,000 in their saving and later the company will issue a check of $10,000 in your account.
7. Base Commission
Unlike any other network marketing company, ARIIX pays 15% of a given pay line.
8. Matching Bonus
The Matching Bonus gives the ARIIX Representative compensation equal to a percentage of the Base Commission earned by individuals they have enrolled as Representatives and their subsequent enrollments up to 7 levels or "Generations" deep. Therefore, Individuals personally sponsored by a Representative are considered 1st Generation to the sponsor. Individuals these 1st Generation people sponsor are 2nd Generation to the initial Representative. Similar to a family tree, the Children of grandparents would be 1st Generation, while their grandchildren would be 2nd generation and so forth down 7 generations. 
 Matching Bonus

ARIIX Reviews –The Product Line

One of the strengths of any network marketing company is based on their product lines, and different ARIIX products play very important role in the success of it.
If the products are not good, people won’t find any reason to continue working for any network marketing company. However, this is not the case with ARIIX.
Founding members are from USANA, and ARIIX has the same product line and results show with USANA that these products are tough beat.
The multi-billion dollar company offers several health products:
  •   PRIIME
  •   JOUVE
All the products that are manufactured under ARIIX are OTC & GMP compliant, and FDA certified.
These certificates bring authenticity and increase the brand value according to certain organizations.
 Ariix Products

How to Join ARIIX:

Those who join ARIIX are known as members.
All the registered members are entitled to get a discount on the retail price of all the ARIIX products, but the company makes it unable for all the members to participate in the ARIIX compensation plan.

① 150PV(200PV)- Sell, use, or purchase an Enrollment Pack at 150PV(200PV) to activate your income position. There are many packs from.

② Maintain 75PV(100PV)- Sell, use, or purchase 75 PV(100PV) every 4 weeks to keep your income position commission eligible.

③ IIX Membership – Gives you a 15% Lifetime discount on all future purchase & Double all Bonuses in the ACTIV8 compensation plan. (Includes in the purchase of Business, Elite & Ultimate Packs)

④ Go for the GOLD – When you enroll four new ARIIX Representatives within your first 8 weeks, you unlock exclusive, lifetime GOLD Member benefits. 

 Ariix Business Opportunity
Getting Started

If you want to become an ARIIX Representative OR just experience ARIIX products as a customer, here is what to do.
You can try the ARIIX products and experience first hand the benefits to your health and wellbeing. I can help you get products at a 30% discount (same price reps pay) on any product you order or if you just like to order products directly from ARIIX and have them shipped to your door, CLICK HERE
As an ARIIX Representative you can get your products at wholesale price and can start earning income as you build your own ARIIX business locally and internationally. You will be shown how to do it and be supported every step of the way. The ARIIX seamless global compensation plan provides you with healthy residual commissions from your network of Customers/Representatives worldwide.
You will be guided step-by-step in how to get your new business off to a fast start, get your products FREE and then to earn your initial US$1000 to US$2,000 a month, part time income. You will have help every step of the way. To get started today CLICK HERE
There is also a form available that you can fill out and fax or email to the company if you prefer. Take advantage of ordering a Product Pack. Elite or Business packs are the preferred method of joining to maximize your long term business growth. 

Build your ARIIX business Internationally from your country
The ARIIX Opportunity and Products are available in Austrailia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, UK, and the United States. We are now in the European Union and shipping to Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 🌐 🌍

 Buy Now&Save 30%
The 'BUY NOW & SAVE 30%' button can be found throughout the website alongside all products. This will take you directly to the Ariix Shop where you canplace your order for any products you may wish to try and have them shipped directly to your door.  You have 3 options available to you within the Ariix Shop:

  1. Try any of the products at the Retail Price by simply adding your chosen product(s) to the cart and check out.
  2. Become a "Preferred Customer" for a small one time only fee.  As a preferred customer you will SAVE 15% on this purchase and all others purchases made through the Ariix shop for LIFE
  3. Become a "Preferred Customer" but also receive your products every 4-weeks on "Auto-Delivery" to maintain good health and save yourself SAVE 30%
(Auto-Delivery can be amended or cancelled at any time without charge)

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