ARIIX Compensation Plan Details 2017

 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017

Ready to earn Base Commissions? First, you'll need to activate your Income Position:

 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017
 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017

Representatives earn a Team Lead Bonus from the products sold to new consumers. The more product sold, the higher the Team Lead Bonus percentage will be. All product purchased within the new Customer or Member’s first 4 weeks earns the sponsor a Team Lead Bonus. The table below outlines the sales volume thresholds required, and the corresponding Bonus paid to the Representative selling the products.
 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017

 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017
 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017

 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017

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After activating their first Income Position with at least 150 points of Personal Product Volume (PPV), ARIIX Representatives who remain Active will have the opportunity to build their organization in a truly revolutionary and profitable way. Each Income Position will start with at least 2 lines for placing newly enrolled ARIIX Members. A business grows through the addition of additional sales stemming from the volume generated from personal volume, volume from Preferred Customers, and/or additional Members and Representatives placed below this Income Position. The team line which accumulates the greatest volume is identified as the "Power Line." All subsequent lines are termed "Pay Lines."

Base Commissions are 15% of the volume generated from all Pay Lines, up to $2,000 USD per Pay Line, per week. In the event that the cumulative sum of all volume on all Pay Lines (in a given income position), is less than 13,334 points in a week and less than the amount of volume on the Power Line (up to 13,334 points), any remaining difference is carried forward on that Power Line into the next Commission Period. 

What happens when you optimize?

 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017
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Earning another Pay Line:  The first time a Pay Line generates the potential of $2,000 (13,334 X .15) in Base Commissions for a Commission Period, that Pay Line and subsequent Income Position are said to be "Optimized."  Thereafter, a new Pay Line is added to the existing Income Position; permitting for an unlimited potential number of Pay Lines per Income Position.

The added Pay Line is available for immediate use, and shall also be used for auto-balancing.  No additional sales requirements are necessary to be paid on additional Pay Lines.
All commissions are earned and paid weekly (with the exception of the savings bonus).

 Ariix Compensation Plan 2017

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Earning a re-entry:  If enough volume from Members and Representatives (excluding personal purchases and Preferred Customer purchases) is generated to Optimize a Pay Line, the ARIIX Representative will also be given the option of operating a new Income Position within the Pay Line which reached the optimized $2,000 in Base Commissions from volume on that Pay Line.  This allows for additional earnings and greater stabilized volume from the depths of that organization. 

The following conditions apply to re-entries:
  1. A once in a lifetime Activation order of 150 points for each new "re-entry" is required. 
  2. Once placed and activated, this new Income Position will be eligible for commissions beginning the very next commission week regardless of the Representative's auto-delivery cycle.
  3. Going forward, all Income Position are on the same original cycle.
  4. A Representative may elect to accumulate a minimum of 150 Personal Product Volume points (PPV) every Cycle (rather than 75 for a single Income Position), in order to make all activated Income Positions commission qualified regardless of how many Income Positions there are.
  5. Re-entries have no expiration and no time requirement to place provided the possessing Representative maintains the annual renewal fee.
  6. Re-entries cannot be transferred to another Representative
  7. Multiple Re-entries cannot be placed together in such a manner that the commissions generated from such grouping increases the commission payout over 55% of the sales volume from that organizational structure.
  8. All unplaced re-entries shall be part of the Distributorship in the event of a sale or transfer or the business ownership.
  9. A re-entry may be moved to any other position on the same line within 10 days of placement as long as no Member or Representative has been placed underneath it.
  10. A re-entry may also be moved to any other position on the same line anytime if there has not been any orders placed by any Member or Representative within the prior 3 months.
  11. There must always be one optimized line that does NOT have a re-entry Income Position placed on it unless a Power Re-entry Is earned and placed on the Power line, in which case all lines can have multiple Re-entry's on them.

Earning of a Power Re-Entry™:  A Power Re-Entry™ is an industry first for ARIIX’s Activ8 compensation plan.  Becoming eligible to earn this "special" re-entry is achieved by producing 1,500 points in your first 4 weeks after joining ARIIX.  For your convenience, ARIIX has created Ultimate Kit or during limited time offers “Upgrade Packs” to make generating 1,500 points more convenient. The Unrestricted Power Re-Entry™ allows Representatives to;
  • Earn two Re-Entries, with the Optimization of their first Income Position rather than the just one.
  • Place the Power Re-entry on their Power Line; hence no longer requiring rule #11 above.
  • Place the Re-entry on any of their lines under anyone (excluding inserting); or
  • Place the Re-entry under any cross-line individual.
While the Power Re-Entry™ is a one-time usage, it can generate an unlimited number of additional re-entries below it, extending its earning potential to infinite! Even more amazing, Representatives may elect to partner with any ARIIX Representatives with their Power Re-Entry™- an industry first! –This Patent-pending design has eliminated cross-lines!

All the normal conditions of a Re-Entry apply to the Power re-entry.  But in the event that a Power Re-Entry™ is placed Cross-line in a Representative’s organization, the following conditions apply:
  1. In order to protect the fundamental integrity of the sales organization tree, Representatives who choose to place their Power Re-Entry™ in a cross-line position must have a minimum of 13,334 TOTAL VOLUME POINTS generated at or below their original Income Position each week, in order to earn commissions from the Power Re-Entry™ and all subsequent Re-Entries placed below it. TOTAL VOLUME is inclusive of Preferred Customers, Member, Representatives and Personal Volume generated in the Representative’s PLACEMENT organization. In the event a Representative does not have the minimum of 13,334 TOTAL VOLUME POINTS generated at or below their original Income Position in a given commission week, their cross-line Power Re-Entry™ will be considered inactive, and hence not commission qualified (ineligible to earn any commissions or bonuses from the volume that week). All volume generated under the Power Re-Entry™ shall still be paid on for all positions above the Power Re-Entry™ as typical.
  2. The Power Re-Entry™ may only be placed in OPEN positions and may not be inserted.
  3. As always, Matching Bonus follows the sponsorship tree, not the placement tree. This carries over to the placement of Power Re-Entries™ in cross-line positions. Only the original sponsor shall earn matching bonus on all combined earnings, including earnings from the Power Re-Entry™.
  4. If the power re-entry is moved (based on the rules associated with any re-entry move), a reactivation fee shall be assessed.

All earnings (Bonuses and Base Commissions) earned by a Representative shall be accumulated until a minimum of $30 USD (or equivalent) is reached.  ARIIX may decide to pay smaller increments based on administration costs to do so.

The Activ8 Base Commission model provides a true opportunity to generate unlimited residual income as the number of potential Pay Lines increases, as well as providing additional Income Centers to produce both wealth and stability previously unseen.

 Ariix Business Opportunity

Getting Started

If you want to become an ARIIX Representative OR just experience ARIIX products as a customer, here is what to do.
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Build your ARIIX business Internationally from your country
The ARIIX Opportunity and Products are available in Austrailia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, UK, and the United States. We are now in the European Union and shipping to Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 🌐 🌍

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